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6 piece HDTV Hook-up Kit

Model: TQ-HDKIT6


• 2 HDMI Cables
• HDTV Cleaning Kit
• 1 Component Video Cable
• 1 Optical Cable
• Cable Ties

All cables are 6ft in length
HDMI cables
2 HDMI High Definition Cables

This super high performance 1.3b high speed HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) cable outputs both Audio and Video in Full HD. Our cable is HDCP compliant and can support 1080p, 1080i and 720p resolutions. HDMI was designed to significantly improve on the performance of your home entertainment system. The sophisticated design enables the transfer of millions of colours for sharper images and greater detailed pictures. HDMI is the best quality audio/video cable available in the entire industry.
Component cables
Component Video High Definition Cable

This super high performance Component Video Cable is designed to connect and transfer video signal for professional and home use. Component signals improve picture quality by seperating signals into a luminance and two colour channels. Simply connect the green, blue and red RCA male connectors to the corresponding coloured component input jacks of the HDTV
Optical Cable
Optical Audio High Definition Cable

This super high performance Digital Optical Audio Toslink cable is made from fibre optics. Optical cables will enhance your listening experience by providing the most accurate signal transfer for the maximum sound clarity. Dolby digital sound will provide the best stereo sounds for your home entertainment use. Simply connect your Optical Audio Cable to the input jack on your HDTV

Cleaning Fluid
HDTV Cleaning Kit

Safely wipe away dust from your HDTV.
Environmentally friendly formula safely removes dirt, dust and fingerprints to keep your screen looking brand new.
Ultra absorbant cloth is designed to prevent streaking on the hardest to clean screens. Safe to use on LCD TV's, Plasma TV's, HDTV's, HD Projectors and Home Theatre Screens.
Ultra absorbant Cloth included.